Newberry HighEat Your Fruits and VeggiesA musical within a musicalLike Totally: Friends at lastDarlene AndreJanice HerndonDawn JordanNancy Levey

Scenes from 'Like Totally: An'80s Musical': The song, "Newberry High!"

Scenes From "Like Totally: An '80s Musical" - Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Scenes from "Like Totally: An '80s Musical" - A musical within a musical

Scenes from: "Like Totally: An '80s Musical" - Friends at last!

Darlene Andre, 5th grade 23 years in District 28

Janice Herndon, 4th grade aide - 22 years in D28

Dawn Jordan, Special Education teacher --26 years in D28

Nancy Levey, 2nd Grade teacher - 34 years in D28

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