Mrs. Porcaro's class says the pledgestudents paint diyas in celebration of Diwalistudent and grandfather show off snowshoesAdventurers with a Greenbriar School flag at Mt. Everest basecampMrs. Olker works with students who are seated in flexible furniture.

Mrs. Porcaro's kindergarten says the Pledge of Allegiance during morning announcements.

Mrs. Carlberg's first-grade students paint 'diyas' in celebration of Diwali, India's Festival of Lights holiday. Diyas are usually decorated, filled with oil and lit on the eve of Diwali.

Thomas H. and his grandfather were among the first to complete handmade snowshoes in the before-school workshop hosted by P.E. teachers Mr. Norris and Mr. Zinanni.

Adventurers Doug Callison and Kristin MacCarthy pose at Mt. Everest basecamp with a Greenbriar flag. They brought the flag with them after visiting the school before they left.

Mrs. Olker works with students seated in a variety of work areas. Her classroom has flexible seating to encourage concentration and flexibility.

Welcome To Greenbriar

Greenbriar School serves approximately 415 students in grades K-5 in Northbrook School District 28. Mission: The Greenbriar community will provide a foundation for lifelong enjoyment of learning in a trusting and nurturing environment ensuring that our children reach their full potential.